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Liv @ Elite Iceland


Soft Pastels & Lashes for 

Liv @eliteiceland  Shot in Reykjavik

Photography : carlosbournphotography

Makeup/Hair: Tabby Casto 

Today I’m channeling this GORGEOUS look which I found on tumblr by @jkissamakeup (another use for mixing mediums!) #beauty #makeup #eyemakeuptips #eyeliner #instamakeup #rainbow #colour #color #mua #makeupartist #london #pretty #eotd #mixingmedium #pigment #pastel #pastelmakeup #rainbowmakeup #polkadot #love 😳😍
Tips & Tricks : Mixing Mediums


I’m going to add a new feature to this blog focusing on and aptly called  Tips & Tricks. I like to think that I’ve learnt a few things over the years that could benefit makeup enthusiasts such as yourselves! I’ve also noticed a lot of new makeup artist following the site and followers often ask me how I create certain looks. Perhaps this section will answer some of those questions :)

Lets start with a little set of products called Mixing Mediums. You’ve probably walked past them in shops several times without giving them a second glance. They’re never displayed at the forefront of  shop windows (I wonder why…) They’re not usually marketed to grab your attention and they certainly won’t be listed in the top 10 of any makeup must haves or desert island go tos. 

Seriously  underestimated, these are the products that make the products you already own go further. They transform eyeshadows into eyeliners, stick glitter down without a trace of glue in sight and most importantly they work well mixed into a plethora of other products. 

Mac Water Based Mixing Medium as seen first in line, is fantastic for mixing into eyeshadow pigments and other products to intensify them. I tend to apply eyeshadow as per normal and then add a tiny bit of the mixing medium to a brush and “tap” the brush over the lid to create a softer finish. As you can see in the image below it’s powerful stuff - only a small amount is needed. If you apply too much you may create a “crapey” effect with your eyeshadow. As the name suggest you can mix pigments and colours together with this product to “design your own” shade. Woo! It’s also great for sticking glitter to the skin *bonus!* 

Mac Blue Brown Pigment before and after Mixing Medium is applied:


Mac Eyeliner Mixing Medium is also fantastic stuff (second in line). This product is similar in it’s abilities to the Water Based Mixing Medium however it’s a little thicker and is more gel than  liquid. Below you can see how it instantly transforms Mac Hi Def Cyan Pigment into a long lasting  eyeliner *top*. You can also set eyeshadow with it but be prepared for a “tight” feeling around the eye if you do so. 


Mac Fix + Spray (third) is one of my all time favourite products and an essential on every job I do. Considering that the first two mixing mediums are only available to purchase from the Mac Pro Stores (in London that’s Soho & Covent Garden) the Fix + spray is wildly available in all stores and works as a great “pseudo” mixing medium. Glycerine works to set makeup so you can mix this into eyeshadows and pigments to intensify them and treat them like an eyeliner too! It’s also  great for spritzing on the skin during heat waves such as now! If you can’t get ahold of the previous two go for this one (unless you want to stick glitter in which case you’ll need the others). 

Lastly in my list of favourites is the Illamasqua Sealing Gel. I would describe it as a  stronger version of the Mac Eyeliner Mixing Medium. It’s also more of a liquid consistency. It turns pigments and powders into a colour intense, waterproof paste that dries quickly and lasts for a long time! Below you can see Mac Lily White Pigment with (top) and without the Illamasqua Sealing Gel. 



Still with me? Good, lets recap! What can they do? 

Stick Glitter 

Apply Mac Water Based Mixing Medium, Eyliner Mixing Medium or Sealing Gel to a small flat brush and tap under eyes (or over) then use your finger to press glitter on top. It WILL hold better than using any sticking glue or “fixer”. 


Create New Colour Combos  

Mix colours together using the Mixing Mediums to create your own shades. Here I’ve mixed the Mac Lily White with the Hi Def Cyan to come up with a new minty pastel shade *oooo errr* 


Turn Powder Products into Eye Liners 

Turn your favourite eyeshadow into your favourite eyeliner! 

So - next time you think you need a new eyeliner - get yourself a mixing medium instead ! More tips & tricks next week :)

Pastel Inspired

CREDIT : @caitlynm_mua bts makeup *beautiful!* pastels 


🍩iPhone case at #valfre

Going through my kit and found this dreamy little Surf & Sand Bobbie Brown #pastel eye palette from way back - digging this out while I go through my pastel phase 💗
Lol! Regram from my friend Ange! 
Thankyou for our lovely @Ciatelondon manicures @jeanettevuong @iamreeceyroo @BPRsocial  💗✌️💅

♥ by Sarah Marie Karda

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