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So I’ve been umming and awing about doing a “tutorial” for awhile. Two things made me realise this was inevitable! 1 - I’m a makeup artist and I need to vent creativity when I’m not working! 2 - as a beauty blogger I want to create post on things I like.  For this tutorial I will be focusing on a glittery eye with strong graphic black liner. Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter!

So… Here we go.. my first “tutorial” as such… 

This is what you are going to need:


  • A decent base - I used Mac Painterly Paint Pot
  • Mac Pro Mixing Medium Water Based OR Star Gazer Fixing Gel
  • Collection 2000 Glam Crystals in Dancing Queen & Rock Chick
  • Glitter! And Lots of it! I used Mac Reflects Very Pink & Stargazer Glitter Shakers in Pink & Onix
  • A gel or liquid black liner. I used Bobbie Brown Black Gel liner & Mac Penultimate Liner in Rapid Black
  • a soft pink eyeshadow and a black eyeshadow - i used mac Sushi Flower and Carbon
  • A black kohl pencil - i used Mac Feline *THE BEST!*
  • Brow Colour - I used Mac Pencil in Dirty Blonde, and a brown shadow
  • Black Mascara
  • Concealor slightly lighter than your skin tone - for the brow highlight
  • False Lashes - as big as you can go!
  • A decent moisturiser and skin base. I used Mac Mineralize Charged Water and then used Estee Lauder Idealist on top.
  • Full coverage foundation - I used Mac Studio Fix Fluid
  • Concealor - I used Mac Studio Sculpt
  • Setting Powder - translucent 
  • Blush! I went for a monochromatic look today (PINK PINK PINK) and just used Magenta Mac Pro blush on cheeks mixed with Mac Viva Glam Nickie Lipstick blended in
  • Mac Viva Glam Nicki (shocking pink and all the proceeds to go the Mac Aids Fund!)
  • Mac Astral Rays Creamsheen Lipgloss - limited edition for summer 2012 

First I would suggest you moisturise & prime your skin, then skip the rest of the face and go straight into the eye makeup! Pourquoi? If you do your eyes after your skin when using stuff like glitter… you are going to be a Christmas tree and that is NOT the look we want! So start with the eyes!


1 . Prime the eyelid with your base. I like the paint pots as they hold all the product on. It also protects the skin from glitter and knocks out any redness.

2. After this apply your pink eyeshadow to the lid blending out the crease of the eye, softly around the edges- it would be easy to make this look OTT so lets keep it pretty! I used Mac Sushi Flower eyeshadow. Any pretty bright pink will do!

3. Apply a black eyeshadow into the crease and blend - not too much! I used Carbon black and a 239 brush to place the colour in the crease then softened it with  217 brush. 

4. Add a black line with liner. Find this challenging? Try gel liner first. It’s easier. Using a small pointy brush (mac 209 works great)  start on the outer corner of your eye and drag the brush towards the middle of the eye. Stop. Take the brush off. Move the brush to the inner corner of the eye and then draw inwards to meet the line in the middle. This will make it easier than trying to get a line all in one go!

5. Use the Penultimate liner pen to draw upwards and create a wing on the corner of your eye. You can fix it if you mess up using a 212 mac brush dipped in some fix + spray. Once you have created your desired “wing” use the 212 brush edge to sharpen out the line. It’s important this looks clean and even.

6. Apply the Dancing Queen Gel Glitter in “blobs”  to the eyelid - not going beyond the crease.

7. Apply mixing medium or fixing gel  to a small flat brush and push this onto of the collection 2000 glitter.

8. Then load up your flat brush with glitter and press this onto the gel!

9. Add the Rock Chick Gel liner to the crease of the eye in a line that follows your eye crease and meets the corner of the wing you have created previously

10. Push the mixing medium or fixing gel onto of this and then push black glitter on top.

11. Take the Rock Chick gel liner and line the bottom lash line, sweeping it up in the corner to meet the crease wing.

12. Press some black glitter on top of this with a small brush and the mixing med or gel.

13. Fill in top and bottom water line with black kohl - this will add intensity! Make sure you fill in any little gaps which show the skin coming through. We want it too look like a graphic line and solid! You may want to tidy up under this bottom line with a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover. Just roll the cotton bud along to clean up any mistakes.

14. Now top up with mascara and add a massive pair of false lashes! Mine are from Sallys. Try number 48’s or 8’s by Mac or go to boots and sort yourself out with some creative Eyelure lashes!

15. And do your brows ladiez! Aint no excuse for messy brows! I used a pencil by Mac called Dirty Blonde *love the names* & just pressed the colour in, then tidied up with a cotton but fix + spray and some cotton buds. I pressed concealor as a highlighter - i’m not a fan of the over shimmered brow personally!

16. Get a wipe or a cotton bud depending on how messy you are and clean up all that fallen glitter from your face.  Go on to the skin as you do normally - but with a little more coverage! Finish your look with a massive pop of colour on the lips using Mac Viva Glam Nickie lipstick! BOOM! 

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